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Coco Canal’s Gift Guide

This week I will be featuring a new gift guide everyday. Each gift guide put together by one of my favorite fellow fashion bloggers.
Today, Melina from Coco Canal shares her eclectic and inspiring gift guide! Be sure to visit her blog and see what else she has been up to lately!
1:: I love to snuggle up on the couch with friends for a cozy night in and this Pendelton blanket I’ve been eyeing for a while. It doesn’t hurt that I love the pattern and color combo. {$218}
2:: I’m really into hats right now and when Miu Miu sent wool caps down the runway I swooned.  Casual chic at its best! {$395}
3:: In a perfect world I would make enough money to take a week’s vacation to this castle in the sky–well in a tree house in La Piantata, Italy at least.
4:: Sex and the City never gets old to me.  This book has an image of every ensemble worn by all four leading ladies and the designer name/description for each piece in the look. I mean! {$20}
5:: If I didn’t work in fashion I would be a chef.  How adorable would a date be at The Brooklyn Kitchen for a couple’s cooking class or for a pre-bachelorette party?! {prices vary on the type of class}
6:: Head over heels in love with these fringe boots by Isabel Marant.  I’m a sucker for anything with fringe and a wedge has proven to be my best friend for work and life walking the city. {$2,200}
7:: Last Christmas I signed up for an Instagram account and finally found something to do with all the images.  Head over to Casetagram and you can make a case with images from your account–Genius! {$35}
8:: Like I said before, I love to cook and this mortar and pestle works for anything from guacamole to dressings and spice rubs. {$50}
9:: I’m always looking for a special touch when it comes to accessories.  I would be over the moon to receive these collar clips in my stocking this year to add some pizzaz to any button down. {$18}

10:: The holidays can’t always be about me.  I stumbled upon this wine company, Swanson Wine, and think the bottles are the cutest gift ever.  A congratulations, I’m sorry, Just Married…Thoughtful and adorable. {$25}