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Processing Leather

Leather tanneries create some of the most harmful waste in the world, but this editorial makes it look uber-chic!

Loving the neutral tones, the ironic hairless cat, the still life shots, the monochromatic makeup and the beautifully bold jewelry.

(images via FGR)

Texture in the City

I am all about decorating my new apartment, so please forgive the abundance of interior posts in the next few weeks!

I believe that your home should be decorated much like you put your outfit together in the morning. The play on textures in a room and in an outfit are important. No one wants to be dressed in head to toe velvet, so all of your furniture should not be velvet either. Mix leathers, velvets, fur and feathers together in a room to create dimension and tactile qualities. Every outfit needs a bit of sparkle, whether it be a subtle diamond stud earring or an over-the-top stone necklace. Reflective surfaces help to make a room seem larger and they add a sense of richness. I am all about the vintage furniture, and I have to try to shy away from buying all antiques, but a way to make a room look fresh is to add a sparkling chandelier, an oversized mirror or a mirrored table.

I love this outfit and the rooms surrounding it are full of texture!