Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

I was just invited to the Hamptons for the weekend and have to throw together a Halloween costume for Saturday night. I always look in my closet before buying any sort of costume because chances are, I can put something together! I always look to icons for inspiration.

I initially thought Patti Smith would be perfect, but I don’t have the right haircut and I am not willing to spend the money on a good looking wig. But then I realized I would just look like a slightly more disheveled version of myself, especially because I would be wearing all of my own clothes.

Get the look: Moto Jacket + Black Shaggy Hair + Scarf as Headband + White Shirt + Black Eyeliner

(images via my pinterest)

Then I thought 90’s grunge would work, because this trend is having a moment right now, and it isn’t necessarily my style, but the pieces are easily  put together from my closet (and my boyfriend’s). Taking cues from Kurt Cobain of course…

Get the look: Blurry Plaid Shirt + Torn Jeans + Shaggy Hair + Dark Lipstick (for the ladies)

(images via tumblr)

I am leaning more towards 90’s grunge for this weekend’s festivities but still have some time to put together a costume for Halloween weekend. Who will you be this Halloween?

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