A Little Therapy Never Hurt

Sundays are perfect brunch days, but getting there and waiting to be seated isn’t always as fun. So imagine my excitement when Bravo invited me to a brunch preview of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis and even offered to pick me up in a decked out cab! Of course I accepted the invite. Jeff Lewis believes that changing your environment can change the way you feel, and I have to say he is right! Riding in a cozy, Aspen Ski Lodge themed cab, made my usually miserable cab ride quite enjoyable. Complete with faux fireplace and fur throw, I’m still not sure if I can get into a regular cab again!

Interior Therapy is hilarious, as Jeff Lewis attempts to revamp a master bedroom and hopefully the couple’s love life!

Premiering this Wednesday, March 14th at 9pm on Bravo, don’t miss it!

Oh, and if you see any of these decorated cabs riding around, be sure to hail them because your ride is free, and Jeff Lewis might be inside!

Moroccan Cab

Mod Cab

Aspen Ski Lodge Cab

(images from adam johnson)

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