My first Spring purchase this year is a very simple, ivory, crinkled chiffon dress from H&M. It cost $34.95 and I have already been pairing it with some of my warmer weather pieces to create a transitional look for these in between weeks. I have taken my one, very reasonably priced dress and made 3 separate, distinct outfits. The possibilities are endless!

 Totally Vintage: H&M Dress + Vintage BF Cardi + Vintage Boots + Vintage beaded belt + Vintage oversized necklace

Top-Secret Garden: H&M Dress + Striped Anthro Tee + Authentic Army Shirt + Urban Floral Scarf + JCrew Anklets + Steve Madden Platforms

Punk Chic: H&M Dress + Long Knit Blazer + Marc Jacobs Scarf + Kate Spade Necklace & Beckerman Spectacles Necklace + H&M Tights + Vintage Boots


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