Lil’ Bit of This, Lil’ Bit of That

As I posted last week, the Zig-Zag has me mesmerized so I picked up a few canvas’s at Blick Art Supply and a set of oil paints to create a simple zig-zag for my living room. I originally thought I would just find fabric and cover a canvas, but I’ve had no such luck. So here is my simple pink and white DIY zig-zag painting that is currently resting in my window, until I find a place for it on the blank walls…


Also, I found this amazing zig-zag scarf at Esprit (which is not a store I normally stop in, but while I was out shopping for work this caught my eye). It is very soft and great for when the temperature warms up a few degrees…


Also, yesterday in the mail I received a few early birthday gifts! One good thing about living in a different state than family and some friends is that your birthday lasts for about a month long!

My best friend Erica sent me a little surprise from Kate Spade…


It is so cute I just want to leave it hanging in my room!


Also, grams sent me some old photos of my great aunt and my great grandma. The quality of these photos are so great, and I love the scalloped edges around each photo. They look so statuesque in these photos!


And finally…I was flipping through the latest issue of Elle Magazine and I came across this slightly disturbing photograph of Kate Hudson. She looks great, but the kitchen floor she is sitting on is he EXACT SAME FLOOR that is in my mother’s house right now. I grew up with this kitchen floor!! We had our kitchen re-done and this floor installed in 1990… so crazy!


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