Got Fur?

It seems that every winter I find a fabulous vintage coat (most likely a vintage fur) and I wear it until it falls apart. Having to give up my Persian lamb and mink coat from last year (still trying to salvage the mink collar) was very hard for me. This weekend I told myself that the only thing I was allowed to purchase was a new vintage coat. I gave myself a strict budget of $100. My Saturday started out with the Union Square Farmer’s market, (no fur coats there) and then onto the 17th street flea market (where I found adorable 1960’s earrings and a simple tear drop broach). Knowing that I wasn’t going to make it to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea market where there is a couple that carries an abundance of vintage coats, I decided to mosey on over to the Garage on 25th street. The vendors were packing up so I frantically tried on all the fur coats I could spot. It wasn’t looking good, the coats I was trying on were either four sizes too big or they instantly made me look like a pimp. The last booth I searched through had many capes and coats made of fur, but there was one beautiful colored mink calling my name. A little light grey swing coat with long bell sleeves and pockets (a must in all coats). I tried it on, assuming it was going to be too big as all the others were, but much to my surprise I was wrong!! It fit nicely in the shoulders and it was a little long in the sleeve, but either way I had to have it! The price was $250, way out of my price range but I couldn’t take it off! The nice woman who owned the booth said that I could have it for $200 and my fabulous bf split the cost with me! So I am now the proud owner of this beautiful grey mink coat from the 1960’s with a very relevant silver feather lining! Thanks love!

*I only buy vintage fur*

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