Patricia Field: Carrie’s Studded Roger Belt

Although the Spring 2009 fashion shows continue, I thought I would take a break from the shows and share with you a little something else.

My first must have from the Sex and the City film was Carrie’s vintage black studded Roger belt. As soon as I heard that Patricia Field was going to replicate the vintage belt I visited the boutique on a weekly basis to see if it had arrived. Finally it made it’s debut at the boutique, so I tried it on and fell in love! Then I found out that it was $120 and I had to take it off before I started to cry. A good friend of mine was lucky enough to get it for her birthday, so I may have to babysit it for her when she isn’t wearing it!! But I also found out that Patricia Field is offering it on her HSN special for only $44.00! I am going to try and get my hands on one and I hope that you can too!


Patricia Field’s Boutique $120


HSN Belt available in Chocolate with Silver Studs, Black with Gold Studs and White with Silver Studs $44.00.

One response to “Patricia Field: Carrie’s Studded Roger Belt

  • Kelly

    … crack me up lady!!! Yes you may babysit my baby when i’m not wearing it…I am however wearing it right now and it is fabulous❤

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